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Born in Limassol, Cyprus 1948. Studied sociology in West Berlin from 1965-70. Worked for ten years as dramaturg at the State Theatre of Cyprus. From 1980-2007 she was directing KOCHLIAS BOOKSHOP in Nicosia.

She has published books of prose, poetry and children’s fairy tales and won state prizes for her literary work. In 1998 she wan in Alexandria the Cavafy prize for poetry. She is a member of the Hellenic Authors Society and the Cyprus Writers Assosiation. In 2006 she received the poetry award from the Athens Academy for her book DIVAN. In May 2008 her book THE DEMON OF LUST was chosen by DIAVAZO REWARDS in Athens as among the ten best short stories of the year. In 2004 her poem “Roses” was chosen to be hung in waiting rooms in NHS Hospitals in the UK. Her poems are included in the “European constitution in verse” of the Brussels Poetry Collective (2009) and in the cd «Nachrichten von der Poesie» (Random House) edited by Joachim Sartorius.

She had seven exhibitions of her work in painting. She lives in Nicosia and has a daughter who is a painter.








I suppose that one of the most interesting things on me curriculum vitae is that my mother comes from Macedonia, North Greece and my father from Famagusta. This gave me a wide view of the Greek World as I grew up at its eastern point. We have been lucky as a generation to witness extremes. High technology and my grandmother weaving, gypsies with dancing bears and computers.

Six years in Berlin confused me enough. I needed the torpid summer noons of Nicosia to remind me again who I was.

I did various jobs, taught pottery to blind children, worked for the theatre, run a bookshop. The central point in my life has always been the passion with language, with the Greek language in all its forms, contemporary, ancient, Byzantine. I like to play with the language. This is why I opened a bookshop, so I could have all the books I wanted. This is why I sink in books, I go back to University, searching for words, looking for new games. I use words like colours to illustrate images. Some come from afar.

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